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Sunday, December 24, 2006

character drives plot

a reading for Hulles

The first two cards are the Queen of Swords and the Tower in the PRESENT positions. The Queen approaches situations without pretense of guile. She (or he) is forthright and experienced, and tends to diffuse tense situations with humor. She never takes things too seriously, and will often laugh at herself. She's been through some deep shit, and she's tough because of it. Now we wed that card with the Tower.
The Tower card represents a tough period of a person's life, a person who is struggling and searching for foundation.

In the GOAL position we have the Ace of Swords, representing the challenge of a new journey and a breakthrough.

Eight of Wands. Eights are related to strength. Swords are related to strength. In the distant past, something happened quickly that brought about a fairly major change.

In the recent past we find the Five of Swords which indicates conflict and a parting of ways.

Now we move from the past to the future and find another sword card, the Six of Swords. This means you are going to be able to move away from the negativity of the past and the events represented by the previous card.

As you stand in the doorway that leads from the present to the future, your plan and desire is to experience life as a celebration. The Nine of Cups says this will happen.

Ten of Cups. At your foundation, you are about family and friends.

The Strength card in the position of inner emotions. Your inner fortitude is one of your...well... strengths. Use it wisely and never lose sight of your goals. You might have to call upon that strength to overcome temptation.

The overview card is the Knight of Wands. This card impacts all the other cards in the spread and symbolizes dynamic male energy. The Knight of Wands is courageous, passionate, and devilishly charming. He doesn't lack confidence, and is always looking for a new adventure. The other side of this is that sometimes the knight can be too cocky and too sure of himself. A knight -- especially a young knight -- can self-destruct if he isn't careful. This is where your strength comes into play. It's there for you to draw upon to keep the knight in check. Everything you need is within you. Strength is everywhere in this spread.

This reading is more of a character study. If Madame were to take anything away, it would be a reminder that life, just like a book, can be internal and character-driven.


Hulles said...

Wow. Thank you so much. I'll leave a more detailed comment later, after I mull this over. For now, just know that much of it rings so true it's, well, uncanny. And I appreciate the effort you went to for this so much. I certainly don't feel deserving, but I certainly do feel grateful.

More after I think about this some more. XOXO.

madame sosostris said...

hulles, you're welcome! not sure there's much to take away from this.

i never reshuffle/redo a flat spread, so this was what it was. pretty basic, although oddly weighted with character and personality. i really try not to let what i know or think i know about a person influence the reading, but it seemed pretty accurate to me. i didn't do an intuitive reading only because i wasn't picking up anything.

Hulles said...

I've still been thinking about this, and I really like that it can be a tool for some serious self-examination. One question, though -- does the Queen represent me or someone else in the reading? And BTW I'm okay with the queen thing, even though I'm straight.

Thanks once again. That was a very nice thing to do.

anne frasier said...

the queen represents you. i'm glad you're okay with that. the last guy with a queen in the spread threatened to sue, but he was a humorless bastard.

madame s