The doorway to the future is now open. Please don't attempt to bribe Madame Sosostris with promises of sweets and exotic teas. She accepts no fees for her readings, believing that to take coin for such a gift would condemn her to the land of the dead and a hereafter of giant, talking centipedes.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dearest yesterday: Please DO let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

For LK

  The cards tell Madame that you are currently fixating on something undeserving of the fixation. The past. The past might be a part of who we are now, but it does no good to regret what is no longer, be it a man, a job, a city, a lifestyle, or the entire chocolate cake you ate last night.

But in your regret you aren't delusional, and you acknowledge that you must calmly move forward while wrapping yourself in your own strength.

Ah, now Madame turns the third card, the Six of Cups, that also speaks of a longing for the old days!  My, you are feeling nostalgic. This card by itself would make me think you are feeling playful, but in unison with previous cards… Perhaps you are unwilling to let go of some aspect of your past.  Will this lead to a deeper exploration so you can once and for all be done with it?

And who are you? What is the past you've left behind? In my next turn, I see a charming and restless and adventurous spirit who has traveled a road worthy of navel-gazing.  In the more recent past, I see a period of rest and stepping back, but it could also be a period of frustrating delay.

In the future position, after we've kicked the past in the ass and out the door, I see the Nine of Coins, a very good card in this position. My dear one, prepare to enjoy the fruits or fruit drinks of your labor. The grapes have been harvested, feet have stomped the hell out of them, and now they are finally wine.

In the doorway from the present to the future, I turn over the Star.  Another lovely card, and a nice one to see in this position. To hell with the past, this is the now and the near future, baby. You are filled with hope and inspiration, along with some sort of newly found realization. This could be about life in general, or about work, or some creative project. Get out you sunglasses. You are going to need them, my darling.

On to card number eight in a position that deals with your current environment. You are bravely and methodically cutting down your problems one at a time in order to achieve your goal.
Also tied to this is the next card, the Three of Wands, which tells me along with your methodical battle, you are also going places experimentally that others are not yet ready to go. Everything you do is progress and leads to the goal. Out of my way, don't interrupt; I have a castle to storm.

Overview card: Six of Swords. Ah, nice one.  Alone, this card means you are leaving difficulties behind. Combined with the spread, it means all of your hard work will soon pay off.  You've made it.  Now Madame can't say if this means you've made it to the top of one hill only to see a shitload of other hills, or if you've made it to the top of the highest mountain and you only have to maintain your footing and keep your oxygen tank on your back and your mask in place.  Whatever the case, this is a good spread.

You past? Screw it. Your future? Get out the 100 SPF.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


for Leeza

In the present position we find the Eight of Coins indicating that you are using knowledge to benefit yourself and others. This is immediately impacted by the Six of Swords and your conscious desire to remove the negativity from your life.

You plan to reunite with old friends where there will be much celebrating, sharing of knowledge, and deep communication from the heart.

Your inner life is rich, and you know how to tap into your subconscious mind.
In the recent past, you have experienced a strong creative force that has generated many good ideas that have been put into play.

You are a determined woman of power and your sharp perception and intuition will serve you well in the coming year.

In the doorway from present to future we find the Four of Cups. You are reaching out for new connections and new friendships. This card also indicates good luck and a manifestation of desires.

You are currently spending a lot of your time learning and possibly traveling.

The next card I turn is the Ten of Swords. This doesn’t seem to go with the other cards in the spread because it speaks of despair and hopelessness. It could indicate a relationship that has ended badly, or it could mean you hit bottom and by the very act of hitting bottom you have been reborn. It could mean that you are still feeling emotionally bruised by someone who is no longer a part of your life.

The overview card is the King of Wands. This card impacts the entire spread, and it tells me you are a person of great leadership. People respect and trust you. You are optimistic, energetic, daring, and capable. You get it done.
A very strong and positive read that portends a successful 2009!

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams

Friday, February 13, 2009


for Martha

In the present position we find the Two of Swords which tells me you stand at a crossroads and cannot decide which path to take. This indecision is immediately impacted by a significant other. Your destiny card is the Tower – You feel a need to establish a strong foundation in your life. This goal, conscious or subconscious, is impacted or driven by Mars, the planet of energy and action. The Tower is also about seeing things more clearly and recognizing the truth.

In the distant past I see many breakthroughs on a creative level. In the recent past we have the Two of Wands, a card that signifies personal freedom of choice, and can indicate a change in lifestyle.

Future Influence: The Fool. With all of his belongings in one pack, the Fool travels he to unknown destinations. It is a card of infinite possibilities, often indicating the start of something new and exciting. The Fool represents a time of newness that might feel like restarting or going back to the beginning. But rather than sorrow, this restart should bring about a joy and lightness of heart you haven’t felt in quite some time.

In the doorway from the present to the future we find the Five of Cups. This card indicates your need for emotional self-reliance. You’ve been confused, but in the coming year you will come closer to understanding and discovering the truth of your own emotions. Look upon these explorations and revelations as a positive and joyful part of being alive. This position is often connected to the present position.

On a personal level, the cards show that you are starting a new relationship or moving into a new phase of an existing relationship. This is impacted by a desire for harmony and cooperation.

The overview card is the Knight of Coins. This card reflects the cumulative nature of entire spread. It is about hard work and your ability to throw yourself into a task with fervor and skill. It is about confidence and adaptability and your focus on long-term goals. These goals will take time and patience, but your tenaciousness, drive, and dedication will pay off in the end.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” — Oliver W. Holmes

Monday, February 09, 2009



This spread is actually Madame’s third attempt. Madame almost always takes the first spread no matter how unpromising, but in this case the first and second dealt mainly with finances (snore!) and financial concerns (snore!), along with learning a new skill or honing an old one. Financial concerns are a given for almost any human living in this moment, and as far that vague reference to a new skill -- Madame demands entertainment, and unless the new skill is catfish noodling, boredom is inevitable.

Spread three looks a bit more entertaining….

In the present position we have the Eight of Wands, which tells us that things are beginning to happen very quickly. That burst of busy is immediately impacted by The Chariot, which symbolizes caring and nurturing. An additional trigger for The Chariot is Cancer, sign of the good mum. Translation: You presently find yourself being nurtured by your actual mother, a mother figure, or mentor. Interesting aside: That first financial spread indicated that this mother figure might actually help you financially, either directly or indirectly.

Goals and Destiny: The High Priestess speaks of using your intuition to reach your dreams. In the distant past (last 3 years), the cards tells us that you’ve worked your ass off, but Madame thinks you knew this since it is, after all, your ass. In the recent past, she sees a new relationship, or a new phase of an old relationship. Interestingly, this new relationship appeared in the other spreads.

The doorway from the present to the future reveals that you will be working with others in a cooperative manner. Someone will give you good advice, and you will act upon it.

The overview card is Justice. Your life is about honesty, balance and harmony. These traits and characteristics drive the entire spread. You are in control of your dreams, desires, and successes. Within you dwells the capacity to make the right choices based upon logic, ethics, insightfulness, and reflection.

Madame’s take: All spreads indicated that you are in the process of a new journey, and this new journey is creative and fertile and exciting. You are without a doubt noodling the right fish.

You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.” Gautama Siddharta

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Reading for Sam

Five of Swords in the present position indicates a recent parting of ways. This parting was impacted by a need for emotional fulfillment and the desire to be true to yourself. In the goal and destiny position we find a strong desire for emotional self-reliance. In the distant past (last three years) you’ve existed on a stage of suspended activity (Hanged Man), caught between a world of action and a world of dreams. During this time, you’ve gone through a period of maturation, and recently you’ve spent more time reflecting on your inner life, coming closer to recognizing and understanding yourself. This enhanced self-awareness has brought about a conscious effort to experience life as a celebration.

In the doorway from the present to the future is the World card, a strong symbol of success and attainment. Excellent card to find here! This position can sometimes be related to the first card. If that’s the case, it could mean that a parting has actually brought about your present and future success. But on an emotional level, you are searching for meaning and truth in your life.

The overview card is Judgment. This card indicates that a powerful transformation is already underway, and this positive transformation is directly related to all of the other cards in the spread.

Madame’s personal take: The theme of this spread is one of spiritual and emotional growth. You have been on a journey, and you’ve often asked yourself if you’ve gone the right direction, made the right choices. And sometimes it seems the road you are on never moves beneath your feet, but the world is always changing whether your eyes are open or closed. You’ve been busy, but you have now stopped to take your emotional pulse. Breathe, relax, and enjoy this transitional period because every day is real no matter how suspended.

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. Philip K. Dick

Tuesday, January 02, 2007



We begin: In the present position we find the Nine of Coins which means you are currently gaining recognition in the eyes of your contemporaries.

That is immediately influenced by the Death card. Did I hear a gasp? Contrary to popular belief, the Death card isn’t a negative card. It tells me that in order to achieve this new level of confidence and skill you’ve removed the negative from your life. An additional trigger in this event could be a Scorpio.

The next card is the Hermit. This tells me you are purposely withdrawing from the world in order to seek wisdom.

In the distant past we have the Six of Coins. You are a generous person, and people have benefited from that generosity. Some may have even taken advantage of you in the past because of your willingness to help others.

In the recent past, we have the Empress. Your creative energies are always moving, and you’ve experienced a deep need to cultivate your creativity. You are a strong woman of great resolve, and your future will be mapped by your own strength and determination.

In the doorway to the future we find the Knight of Coins. You have the energy and drive of a young man eager to set out on a new journey. This ties in with the next card that shows you are unafraid to experiment and go where others aren’t ready to go. This mindset will help in your endeavors.

Mentally you are in a state of turmoil. Something is confusing you right now, but patience is the key. Remain calm until you have more information. You feel the need to rush, but take your time and all will sort itself out in the end.

The overview card is the Ten of Swords. This position influences all the other cards in the spread. Some might consider the Ten of Swords a negative card, but the entire spread until this point is extremely positive. This tells me that something negative brought about something good. At some point you hit bottom, said fuck this shit, and made a big change in your life that you are still experiencing. It’s possible that you were putting your own interest last and decided it was time to think about yourself. It could also mean the end of something due to backstabbing or misfortune. Ten of Swords is very similar to the Death card, so you have two strong cards indicating a big change and a new beginning.
You’ve been dealt a blow, but you’ve dusted yourself off and embarked upon a new journey.

Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine. ~Robert C. Gallagher

reading by Madame Sosostris

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Viva la evolution!

For Alex

Here we come upon an unusual spread containing several cards from the Major Arcana.

In the present position we have the wedded Five and Six of Cups. You are currently obsessing over something lost to you, and you feel an overwhelming longing for the past.

You also feel you don’t have enough time for yourself, and your goal of reducing the craziness in your life is a good one. People will make demands upon you, but there are times we have to back off and say no. You can only do so much and you can’t be responsible for everybody else. Let them scoop their own shit.

In the distant past we find the Fool. You are eccentric and intelligent. Humor is your friend, and you've used it to get through dark days.

The near future involves a period of moderation, maturation and reflection.

In the doorway from the present to the future we find the Knight of Swords. This is a card of movement and energy and Madame must confess confusion by its appearance with the above Temperance card. On one hand we see reflection and moderation; on the other energy and moving forward in the same space. You are someone in the middle of a battle. The Knight of Swords often indicates plane travel. Maybe you are packing your bags, and moving on. Or maybe you are just going to Las Vegas. It could also mean you are spreading your wings.

The Wheel of Fortune card speaks of choice and change and wonderful opportunities. Do not resist your own evolution.

Nine of Wands indicate you are very close to achieving something. You have given support in the past. If someone offers you support, don’t be afraid to take it. Don’t block yourself off.

The overview card is the Emperor. Some see the Emperor as the master of his domain. What he seeks he shall find. Others see him as someone struggling for personal independence.

This spread is conflicted and full of contrasts. I see two people - one calm and content; one full of energy and conflicted.

For a younger person, I would say this is about finding who you are and embarking upon a new life. For someone else I would say it’s about breaking out of a rut and embarking upon a new adventure. This could be a relationship, a job, or both. Often the security of the known keeps up from moving forward and becoming all we can be. Very often we don’t get off our asses until we are forced to make a decision. The old bird-in-the-hand bullshit. Don’t settle for that, and don’t second guess yourself. Move forward with the confidence of an emperor.

character drives plot

a reading for Hulles

The first two cards are the Queen of Swords and the Tower in the PRESENT positions. The Queen approaches situations without pretense of guile. She (or he) is forthright and experienced, and tends to diffuse tense situations with humor. She never takes things too seriously, and will often laugh at herself. She's been through some deep shit, and she's tough because of it. Now we wed that card with the Tower.
The Tower card represents a tough period of a person's life, a person who is struggling and searching for foundation.

In the GOAL position we have the Ace of Swords, representing the challenge of a new journey and a breakthrough.

Eight of Wands. Eights are related to strength. Swords are related to strength. In the distant past, something happened quickly that brought about a fairly major change.

In the recent past we find the Five of Swords which indicates conflict and a parting of ways.

Now we move from the past to the future and find another sword card, the Six of Swords. This means you are going to be able to move away from the negativity of the past and the events represented by the previous card.

As you stand in the doorway that leads from the present to the future, your plan and desire is to experience life as a celebration. The Nine of Cups says this will happen.

Ten of Cups. At your foundation, you are about family and friends.

The Strength card in the position of inner emotions. Your inner fortitude is one of your...well... strengths. Use it wisely and never lose sight of your goals. You might have to call upon that strength to overcome temptation.

The overview card is the Knight of Wands. This card impacts all the other cards in the spread and symbolizes dynamic male energy. The Knight of Wands is courageous, passionate, and devilishly charming. He doesn't lack confidence, and is always looking for a new adventure. The other side of this is that sometimes the knight can be too cocky and too sure of himself. A knight -- especially a young knight -- can self-destruct if he isn't careful. This is where your strength comes into play. It's there for you to draw upon to keep the knight in check. Everything you need is within you. Strength is everywhere in this spread.

This reading is more of a character study. If Madame were to take anything away, it would be a reminder that life, just like a book, can be internal and character-driven.